We are BSR.

The BSR Training Center is part of a 825-acre complex in the Shenandoah Valley, 71 driving miles from downtown Washington, DC.

The fully functioning BSR Training Center integrates

  • Three high-speed and one specialized paved road circuit each with dedicated skid pads
  • Four miles of multiple unimproved road circuits
  • Three miles of natural off-road trails
  • Man-made off-road training arena
  • Seven firearms ranges
  • Eight classrooms
  • Three configurable, multi-story Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Facilities
  • Mat room
  • Four administration and support buildings
  • Numerous other training venues

    Our training courses are based on groundbreaking studies of auto-related terrorism incidents, feedback and intelligence from client alumni from around the world, and the expertise of our highly skilled and experienced training team.

    Former and current clients who have relied upon BSR’s programs, facilities, and expertise include the general public, the U.S. Military, local and state law enforcement agencies, numerous federal agencies including the U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Service, and the Governments of over 40 foreign countries.

    BSR’s long history of providing driver and security training to the U.S. Government and other organizations speaks for itself. It demonstrates our success in providing training that enhances our students’ ability to recognize and react to life-threatening terrorist and criminal incidents.