A new active shooter training initiative has been developed through a partnership with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Jefferson County Local Emergency Planning Committee, Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce and BSR Training Center (an Xator Company).

BSR  Training Center has launched a new emergency preparedness training called B.E.C.O.N. for businesses, places of worship, schools and hospitals in Jefferson County and surrounding areas. B.E.C.O.N. stands for Barricade, Egress, Control Oppose and Notify. The initiative was to not only raise the awareness about susceptibility to Active Shooter Events (ASE’s), but also to provide the community with tools to plan, prepare and respond to ASE’s.


BSR Training Center invited various  business management personnel, place of worship administrators, healthcare professionals, school faculty and Law Enforcement/ Security Officers to each of the courses. The 1-dayB.E.C.O.N. course was provided every month for four months (May, June, July and August of 2018), free of cost to the participants. Businesses such as DALB inc., Hospice, Chem Pak, Bloomery Plantation Distillery, Dept. of Homeland Security, Board of Education, Prince William County Public Schools, Law Enforcement Organizations, St. James Church, County Commission, Big Cork Vinyards were in attendance. The B.E.C.O.N. Emergency Preparedness Course was presented to nearly 100 participants during this four months.

Statistically, workplace/commercial businesses hold the highest percentage of ASE occurrences since the early 2000’s. One could attribute this to lack of training.

BSR Training Center’s Active Shooter Course- B.E.C.O.N. is not a online push-button course. This course provides a reality based, hands-on, proactive training needed to build confidence and retention individually and collectively as an organization. It also identifies contingencies in the organization while assisting in the development of an effective Emergency Response Plan that includes proactive training regimen.