B.E.C.O.N. Safety & Risk Assessment


A BSR Safety and Risk assessment is  an examination of current processes and security measures completed at the client's facility.  The facility is examined for potential or significant security concerns and measures, both internally and externally that could bring harm to persons or assets of the organization.

Information provided by the client/facility representative(s), during a formal meeting, will be used to conduct a walk-through of the property and facilities. The information can include hard copies, electronic files, removable media, personal experiences. This information, along with the walk-through, will be used to identify current and possible threats and vulnerabilities. For example, the threat could be the theft of mobile data or “unauthorized” access to restricted areas.

BSR findings will be formalized in a written Safety and Risk Assessment report. The report will describe potential safety and risks and the likelihood of their occurrence.  Staff will offer recommended mitigation measures to reduce or eliminate the safety or risk issues. We will also provide cost effective examples of various security control measures that could enhance the security foot print of the client facility.

The final report can be used by the organization to continually review, update and improve safety, risk and security mitigation efforts. The report is intended to be a tool for the client to use as they continue to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in a fluid environment.

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BSR's Safety and Risk assessment methodology will be personalized to your organization and will address five issues:

  • baseline security criteria
  • entry and exit points
  • access control measures
  • risk scale
  • scenario-based or asset-based risk assessment