B.E.C.O.N. is an all-encompassing course that increases the chances of survival through a series of  options exercised in a real-time Active Shooter Event (ASE) situation. Our course provides you with a more holistic view of the Active Shooter/Killer. A more detailed understanding of historical ASE’s will be provided that can assist in identifying potentially violent persons.

The B.E.C.O.N training tells and shows you how to put these strategies to the test within our course.  Reality based hands-on practical exercises that will leave you walking away with an escalated level of confidence to be proactive and respond effectively to an Active Shooter Event.


  • “Loved that it was realistic with scenarios and gunshots! I have nothing but good to say about the course. I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I would definitely like to do it again. I will be more aware of my surroundings all the time.”

    Kim Linville
    Grant Memorial Hospital

  • “Very good and professional, we need more classes like this for in-service training where the instructor comes to the local police departments.”

    Frank Longwel
    ChiefBenwood Police Dept., Wheeling, WV

  • “Nice blend of classroom/practical exercises, signs of what to look for were excellent, and loved the class participation/team concept. I walked away learning a lot.”

    Mike Berry
    Secret Service (Retired)

Statistically, workplace violence (including Active Shooter Events) have the highest percentage of occurrence when compared to schools, hospitals and places of worship. 
When we look at the bigger picture, having an effective training plan statistically improves overall work performance and productivity because you are providing a safer work atmosphere by making your employees feel safer.

Whether a school is located in a metropolitan area or a remote location, the planning, preparation and training should remain consistent in  response to an Active Shooter Event.
B.E.C.O.N. was developed to address the unforseen weak points, contingencies and faults of an untested Emergency Action Plan by training with hands-on scenarios.

Violent incidents happen several times each year at churches across the country. Because places of worship are often open to the public, they have become more vulnerable to the increasingly senseless acts of violence.
These facilities are considered soft targets:  places that are easily accessible by terrorists, disgruntled people and common criminals. Most congregations are under or unprepared for these risks.


It is no secret that hospitals are volatile places. People from all walks of life pass through hospitals with a variety of ailments and bring their stress, anxiety and anger along with them.

B.E.C.O.N. can give you the guidance, tools and opportunity to train your staff for potential hostile situations.