Sep 25 2020


All Day


215 + Tax

Combatives (Self-Offense)

This one day course is an unarmed combatives course using the “Gutter Fighting” approach. The technique uses gross motor strikes that are easily recalled under stress.

The gutter fighting approach gets its lineage and principles from Rex Applegate and William Fairbairn.  These men trained WWII Special Operations Forces and Office of Special Services (OSS) clandestine operators to incapacitate their attackers using close quarter  techniques.  These same close quarter techniques are used today by our elite U.S. Special Operation Forces.


This program is designed to provide the knowledge and physical skills to defeat and/or counter criminal forms of restraint in order to escape. The strikes are quick and effective and designed to give maximum damage to an assailant. Techniques in this course include: combative striking and counters to physical control and weapons disarms.

Course Cost: $215 + 6% WV Sales Tax